3.5-1107 7 Jahre, 7 Monate her Disable dual source blend until a valid support test is found
3.5-1106 7 Jahre, 7 Monate her Fix some typos and correct some capitalizations in the log messages.
3.5-1105 7 Jahre, 7 Monate her Use a brute force approach to test for Dual source blend support. Sorry for a direct commit to the main branch but i need fast feedback, and i don't want to leave problematic code in the main branch f...
3.5-1104 7 Jahre, 7 Monate her Add retina display support for Mac.
3.5-1103 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Fix Intel Ironlake since it doesn't support version 120 of GLSL. I don't have Ironlake so it is hard to test. Dropping the shaders to version 120 worked here for me, ATI may be giving me some slack th...
3.5-1102 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her only apply vsync on changes
3.5-1101 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Fix some strings for translation and update the pot file to include those strings once again.
3.5-1100 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her fixes for my last commit
3.5-1099 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Implement dual source blending to avoid unneeded alpha pass. this implementation does not work in windows xp (sorry no support for dual source blending there). this should improve speed on older hardw...
3.5-1098 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her VideoSoftware: Fail less at clamping.
3.5-1097 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Recommend Direct3D 11 or OpenGL instead of Direct3D 9.
3.5-1096 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Clean up blending code a bit.
3.5-1095 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her buildfix for my last commit on Mac OSX
3.5-1094 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Small Blending logic fix for opengl backend
3.5-1093 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Removed some redundant code introduced in the last commit.
3.5-1092 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Rounded the loop addresses to the nearest 16bit value in the loop comparison.
3.5-1091 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her OGL: enable buffersubdata in detection
3.5-1090 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Readded the tracking of the FIFO Writes.
3.5-1089 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Fix a slight leak in LogManager.
3.5-1088 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Fixed issue 6119.