4.0-159 7 Jahre her Panic about a FIFO overflow in non-deterministic mode.
4.0-158 7 Jahre her Clean up GatherPipeBursted. Shouldn't actually affect anything.
4.0-157 7 Jahre her Fix Sunshine in deterministic mode.
4.0-156 7 Jahre her Turn off FORCE_WHINE_ABOUT_THREADSAFE.
4.0-155 7 Jahre her Fix the breakpoint fix.
4.0-154 7 Jahre her Simplify and hopefully correct handling of SET_TOKEN and SET_FINISH.
4.0-153 7 Jahre her Remove unused variables and functions.
4.0-152 7 Jahre her Fix freeze on close.
4.0-151 7 Jahre her Rename SyncGPUAtIdleOnly -> DeterministicGPUSync.
4.0-149 7 Jahre her Give deterministic dual-core a proper option (but don't expose it in the GUI).
4.0-148 7 Jahre her Refactor SetCpStatus, hopefully fixing breakpoints.
4.0-147 7 Jahre her Get rid of racey gpuBusy in favor of a safer version of the thing I said was terrible.
4.0-146 7 Jahre her Make SafeCPReadPointer do what it actually does, and document it.
4.0-145 7 Jahre her Fix stopping emulation.
4.0-144 7 Jahre her Add SyncGPUIfIdleOnly to EFB access and perf queries.
4.0-143 7 Jahre her Don't set CPReadWriteDistance to 0.
4.0-142 7 Jahre her Use an explicit variable to wait for the GPU thread...
4.0-141 7 Jahre her ProcessFifoEvents shouldn't read interrupt*Waiting in bSyncGPUAtIdleOnly mode.
4.0-140 7 Jahre her Add a supposedly deterministic dual-core VideoCommon option, bSyncGPUAtIdleOnly.
4.0-139 7 Jahre her Complain about threadsafe events during netplay.