3.0-809 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Bound the iteration on the PB list when processing updates.
3.0-808 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Revert "fix Snow Leopard compatibility"
3.0-807 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Fix missing notes in musics with DSPHLE.
3.0-806 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her Fixes interpreter when not recording or playing back a movie.
3.0-805 7 Jahre, 8 Monate her From now on, use http://dolphin-emu.org/ , http://forums.dolphin-emu.org/ and http://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/ to access our website.
3.0-804 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Retain dsp JIT setting when switching to HLE. Fixes issue 5691.
3.0-803 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Removed the patches for Wave Race as they are no longer needed.
3.0-802 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Video_Software: Implement texture preloading
3.0-801 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Bye mamario, you won't be missed
3.0-800 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Fix: Readme with correct website link.
3.0-799 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her - Added a new wilcard for importing savegames, which basically shows all saves (gci, gcs and sav). This is set as default (I really got frustrated of having to change the type every single time when m...
3.0-798 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Badaboom. Add in Memory include to CDUtils.cpp
3.0-797 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Test the audio loop with aligned addresses. Fixes the high pitched squeal in Muramasa.
3.0-796 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Merge branch 'Capcom-Music-Loop'
3.0-793 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her i'm still not using a branch to fix the name of a variable
3.0-791 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her fix Snow Leopard compatibility
3.0-790 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Some code cleaning for my last commit. the amount and size of the buffer is now changed to "new hardware" frienly values and will fall back to the right values if hardware does not support them. my ne...
3.0-789 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her FifoPlayer: Copy selected object commands to clipboard when pressing ctrl+c
3.0-788 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her more movie cleanup. Removes the remaining globals that didn't need to be global, rearranges some code to make more sense, and removes some redundant code.
3.0-787 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her misc movie cleanup and fixes