3.5-102 8 Jahre her Merge Fail: Make sure we are using the interface file to get backbuffer dimensions. GL helper function was duplicated.
3.5-80 8 Jahre her When using the "Keep window on top option" make sure that the effect of that option ends when emulation ends when using render to main.
3.5-79 8 Jahre her Define NvOptimusEnablement to tell the Nvidia driver we need high performance
3.5-78 8 Jahre her Merge branch 'new-ax-hle'
3.5-33 8 Jahre her Merge branch 'immediate-removal'
3.5-3 8 Jahre her Don't show compress iso option for wbfs and ciso files.
3.5-2 8 Jahre her Truly unstable.
3.5-1 8 Jahre her ... and back to unstable again
3.5-0 8 Jahre her Dolphin 3.5 release.
3.0-936 8 Jahre her Revert "VertexShaderGen: Fix a shader compilation error.". I'm an idiot :p
3.0-935 8 Jahre her Revert "Uninitialized usage.. or so it thought."
3.0-934 8 Jahre her Merge branch 'translations-update'
3.0-924 8 Jahre her VertexShaderGen: Fix a shader compilation error.
3.0-923 8 Jahre her TextureCacheBase: Fix a potential bug when using custom textures.
3.0-922 8 Jahre her Change copyright year to 2013 in the about dialog.
3.0-921 8 Jahre her OGL: Make OSD messages fade out properly instead of having them disappear spontaneously.
3.0-920 8 Jahre her Should completely fix game list sorting.
3.0-919 8 Jahre her Fix another sorting bug.
3.0-918 8 Jahre her Fix sorting bug.
3.0-917 8 Jahre her Merge branch 'osx-savegame-fix'