4.0-691 7 Jahre, 1 Monat her add support for logitech mic to oh0, almost there in ven
4.0-690 7 Jahre, 1 Monat her initial wiispeak stuff. "works" in that all that is left is to hook it up to portaudio.
4.0-383 7 Jahre, 3 Monate her Removed the redundant /dev/usb/hid stub.
4.0-382 7 Jahre, 3 Monate her Merge branch 'master' into wiispeak
3.5-1348 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Renamed the HID Descriptor Type to avoid using a duplicate name.
3.5-1347 7 Jahre, 9 Monate her Merge branch 'master' into wiispeak